So you’ve composed an email in Outlook and you see your links are all spaced out…and your decapitated. Ahhhh!

Don’t worry 🙂 That is completely normal. In Outlook, sometimes in the compose window you will notice that things look a little fragmented or disoriented and that  is completely normal. It’ll come through perfectly once you hit send! Some email service providers such as Outlook use different rendering engines when composing emails but once you hit send, it no longer needs those programs to send so it pulls it back out causing your Stationery to appear beautifully in the receivers inbox!

Our stationery has been tested using dozens of email programs, so even though it may look different in your browser or email client, the people who receive it will receive a perfect version. Send yourself a test message to see what your clients and customers will receive!

Note: Also, keep in mind, during the compose window your links will not be active as well. This is due to the same rendering engines as discussed above…and really…you don’t want to be accidentally clicking on your links while trying to send out an email anyways! Once you hit send those links will be activated as well to drive traffic to all those awesome places on your website!

Please email us at with any additional questions regarding this!