Once my custom Email Signature is designed, can I change it?

No. Many of the elements of your Email Signature are custom graphics hosted on our servers. If you need to make a change to the design or layout, we will be happy to do it for you! Most changes can be done for a nominal fee. We do give you the ability to edit the signature section of your Email Signature, so you can change phone numbers, websites, links and other contact information within a few clicks at no extra charge.

Do the images in the email come across as attachments?

No. The images are loaded instantly into the email and will show up when the recipient opens the message. In the case of a slow load time, the images will simply load slower but they won’t appear as an attachment below your message.

Why does my Email Signature look fragmented or broken when I try to send a message?

Some email service providers such as Outlook use different rendering engines when composing emails. Don’t worry! Your Email Signature has been tested using dozens of email programs, so even though it may look different in your browser or email client, the people who receive it will receive a perfect version. Send yourself a test message to see what your clients and customers will receive.

What happens when someone forwards my email to another email address?

All of your custom designs and branding will be forwarded to the new recipient as is! You don’t have to worry that other recipients will receive a fragmented or “broken” email, because the message will be sent in the same way that the original recipient saw it.

Will Email Signature.com products slow down email transmission?

Not at all. All of your branded emails will appear in the recipient’s inbox just like a regular email and will be sent at the same speed. Fully branded emails are very small in size, so they can be opened up very quickly. Even recipients who use a dial-up connection will be able to receive your customized emails quickly.

Can I still attach pictures, files and images to my emails?

Yes! You are not limited to sending just the custom email when you use Email Signature products. You can still add images, files and attachments to your outgoing email.