What is a ‘custom’ design?

Since we don’t use templates of any kind, your Email Signature is designed “from scratch”. Our team of designers will replicate the look and feel of your existing marketing materials such as your business cards, brochures, logos and even the font style, to create a custom solution that complements your brand. We believe this is the only way to create a high-impact and professional design.

I really like my competitor’s design? Can you make mine look like theirs?

Our designers do everything possible to create a unique, distinctive design that complements the theme and style of your marketing materials and brand. If you like certain elements of a competitor’s design, send your ideas along and we will do our best to create something with those elements in mind. However, remember that your custom Email Signature solution will be entirely unique.

Will everyone be able to see the images that make up my Email Signature?

Most people will be able to see all the images when they open your email message. People who have set the security settings on their mail programs very high will not be able to see some of the images, and will see a red ‘X’ where the image should be instead. Unfortunately, we cannot bypass this security setting.

Will Email Signature cause my messages to be marked as “spam”?

No. All HTML-based email adds only a very small percentage to the message’s spam score. More than 95% of all commercial email being sent is HTML-based. Only a handful of Internet Service Providers block HTML messages entirely, so your message will reach your clients! ISPs that do block HTML messages include the FBI, MIT, the FAA and other government or high security organizations.