How can Email Signature products increase traffic to my website?

Every Email Signature element is embedded with hot links of your choice. This means that you can direct all email recipients to specific sections of your site, blog or landing pages within seconds. Whether you’re sending a quick email update or a custom newsletter, you can boost traffic to your site each time you send out the email.

How can Email Signature products improve SEO for my website?

Since recipients of your custom email can share the information via Twitter and Facebook within a few clicks, the content of your emails can “go public” and be shared among other social networking and social bookmarking sites. Any time someone links back to your website URL – either because they have found an article or content that they feel is important – your search engine ranking improves.

Why should I use emails to increase traffic to my website?

In addition to generating fresh leads and building up your database of contacts, sending emails with your URL can be an effective way to improve the quality of your website and improve your search engine ranking on the major search engines. Search engines are looking to rank high quality, high-traffic sites across all industries. If you continue to generate more traffic with each email send, you could increase your chances of getting a higher search engine placement.