Will Email Signature cause my messages to be marked as “spam”?

No. All HTML-based email adds only a very small percentage to the message’s spam score. More than 95% of all commercial email being sent is HTML-based. Only a handful of Internet Service Providers block HTML messages entirely, so your message will reach your clients! ISPs that do block HTML messages include the FBI, MIT, the FAA and other government or high security organizations.

Will everyone be able to see the images that make up my Email Signature?

Most people will be able to see all the images when they open your email message. People who have set the security settings on their mail programs very high will not be able to see some of the images, and will see a red ‘X’ where the image should be instead. Unfortunately, we cannot bypass this security setting.

Do the images in the email come across as attachments?

No. The images are loaded instantly into the email and will show up when the recipient opens the message. In the case of a slow load time, the images will simply load slower but they won’t appear as an attachment below your message.

Why does my Email Signature look fragmented or broken when I try to send a message?

Some email service providers such as Outlook use different rendering engines when composing emails. Don’t worry! Your Email Signature has been tested using dozens of email programs, so even though it may look different in your browser or email client, the people who receive it will receive a perfect version. Send yourself a test message to see what your clients and customers will receive.

Why do all of my links go to Email Signature.com first?

We do this for two reasons. First sending the link through Email Signature.com’s servers allow us to track the number of clicks and visitors to your website as a result of your Email Signature. We can tell you what links drive the most traffic to your site.

Secondly, by having the links through our site the links can be updated at anytime and every email you sent in the past will point to the new location. If we hard coded the links directly to your website in the Email Signature and you changed a page, all the emails sent before the page changed would be broken.